Sunday, August 20, 2006

Middle East is Pregnant

On 23 July 2006 I questioned in my article titled Israel Lebanon War and BTC Pipeline whether the Israeli invasion of south Lebanon had anything to do with the possible extension of BTC pipeline(s) from Ceyhan to Israel, Ceyhan-Ashkelon oil pipeline project.

I claimed in that piece that the Israeli aggression has something to do with the future plans on energy corridors. Until now I have seen only one supportive article which appeared on GlobalResearch (The War on Lebanon and the Battle for Oil, July 2006), a few days later than my article.

Things become even more questionable when look at why Turkey is so eager to participate in the UN military force to south Lebanon.

First, Turkey is a Muslim populated country, a member of NATO and has the biggest military power in the Middle East (except for the US forces in the region, and having no nuclear power). Second, Turkey and Israel has a military defense pact. Third, Turkey is a US ally.

Michel Chossudovsky published an article on his site entitled "Triple Alliance": The US, Turkey, Israel and the War on Lebanon on August 6, 2006. He describes very well the Israeli-US-Turkish defense alliance. Even though he makes several small mistakes in the article, he sets the background.

I don’t know how appropriate is to use the US-Israeli-Turkish relationship as a “Triple Alliance”. I would say, there is in fact a double alliance – US and Israel. To include Turkey into alliance gives an impression as if Turkey were a country that can decide independently. Turkey will do whatever the big brother tells her to do. Some people call the current AKP government in Turkey as the US puppet. Some concurs, by reminding the fact that Turkish parliament rejected on 1 March 2003 the US request to enter Iraq from Turkey. As if,….

What happened later on? Shortly after March 2003, the parliament accepted the US request, but the US government said: No, thanks!

Now, the AKP government does not want to repeat the same mistake(!) and wants to send Turkish troops to south Lebanon. Turkish military wants that too. If that happens, I am afraid both the current government and military will make an extremely big damage to their images.

Turkey should not send soldiers to Lebanon! Turkey is already not seen as a friend by Arab countries. By sending soldier to Lebanon, they will 100% be convinced that Turkey is just helping the US and Israel. Turkey must not take a side in this unrest. There is no strategic interest of Turkey in and around Lebanon (except for the pipeline project I mentioned above, and besides the religion which is a very big if).

Turkey’s strategic interests should lie in southern caucus, and in Northern Iraq. Can Turkey fight with the terrorist organization PKK in Northern Iraq? No! Why? Big brother does not allow! Where were the Turkish soldiers located in Afghanistan? In the area where Turkey would have interest? No!

Ceyhan-Ashkelon pipeline cannot be in the interests of Turkey. Turkish politicians must grasp this simple fact.

Turkey should not send military force (for the moment around 1000 soldiers are pronounced) to Lebanon for active role. A small number of soldiers should be sent but their role must be limited to passive role, such as logistic support and humanitarian aid. Except for the ruling party and generals, this is what the Turkish people think.

Turkish military should not be a toy of imperialistic powers, which have been working systematically to weaken Turkey.

Turkish people have traditionally and historically big trust to military. Unfortunately every attempt has been made (by corporate media with the help of western powers and by recent governments in Turkey) to erode this trust.

Turkey is already going backwards and the Middle East is pregnant to darkness and chaos. Unless Turkey has a strong leader (someone who loves his country and his country’s interests, someone like Mustafa Kemal Ataturk) soon, that pregnancy will not last long.


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