Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Selected Military Publications Links

I have been asked by several readers of my blog about my data sources.

below is the list with my qualititavive and subjective ratings. There exist many more but those are the ones I usualy check regularly.

· Defense Logistics Agency Publishing System (old publs)
· Defense Logistics Agency
(Fact Sheet, Loglines and Dimensions ***)
WWEC 2006 presentations
· Defense Energy Support System (Fuel Line ***)
Alternative Fuel Tutorials ***
· US Army Petroleum Center
· Defense Technical Information Center
· Defense Security Cooperation Agency (see Arms sales)
· Defense Science Board
· Defense Institute of Security Assistance Management
· Defense Budget
· Department of Defense Speeches
· Department of Defense (see Base Structure Report)
· Department of State Magazine
· Joint Chiefs of Staff
· Joint Force Quarterly ***
· Armed Forced Journal
· Army Security Assistance Command (see Impact magazine)
· Army Installation Management Agency Digest PW Digest *
· Parameters (Army War College) ***
· Army War College Strategic Studies Institute Publications ***
· Army Military Review ***
· Army Logistician
· Army Publishing Directorate,
· Army Official Departmental Publications Web Sites
· Army Materiel Command Logistics Support Activity
· Army Corps of Engineers
· Arms Control Today
· Army Institute of Land Warfare Publications
· Army Military Law Review **
· Air Force Table of Contents (postures and documents)
· Air Force e-Publishing
· Air University Research Web
· Air University Research Papers
· Air University Student Research Publications
· Air University Fairchild Papers
· Air University Airpower Research Institute Papers
· Air University Press Wright Flyer Papers
· Air and Space Power Journal **
· Air War College Center for Strategy and Techn.: Occ. Papers
· Air War College Maxwell Papers
· Air Force Fact Sheets
· Air Force Journal of Logistics
· Air Force Magazine *
· Air Force Policy Letter Digest *
· Air Academy Inst for National Security Studies Occ. Papers
· Naval Postgraduate School Publications
· Proceedings (published by the U.S. Naval Institute)
· Naval War College Review ***
· Naval Logistics Library
· Navy Supply Corps Newsletter
· Undersea Warfare Magazine
· Sea Power Magazine
· National Defense University ***
· Military Education Res. Lib. Network (see regional briefs) **
· Marine Corps Publications
· Center for Defense Information (see regional briefs)
· Studies in Intelligence (CIA)
· Military Information Technology (see interviews)
· National Defense Magazine
· NATO Review
· Defense Technology International *
· Military Engineer
· Jane’s Defense

Service Public Relations Magazines (good for annual almanacs)
· Soldiers (Army),
· All Hands (Navy)
· Airman (see especially the first issue of the year)
· Marines


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