Thursday, June 05, 2008

USAF looses blood

I was shocked today by two email alerts telling top USAF officials have resigned.

PRESS RELEASE -- Secretary of the Air Force, Office of Public Affairs
Release No. 020608
June 5,2008
Chief of Staff United States Air Force Resigns

Washington, DC - Recent events have highlighted a loss of focus on certain critical matters within the Air Force. As the Air Force's senior uniformed leader, I take full responsibility for events which have hurt the Air Force's reputation or raised a question of every Airman's commitment to our core values. For the past 36 years I have been privileged to serve my country as an Airman in the United States Air Force in peacetime and combat. I was honored and humbled to be appointed the Air Force's 18th Chief of Staff and have been proud to serve our Airmen and their families. Upon taking office, I worked hard with Secretary Wynne to ensure the Air Force provided the right forces at the right time to help our Nation and allies win the Global War on Terror.

I think the honorable thing to do is to step aside. After consulting with my family, I intend to submit my request for retirement to Secretary Gates. The Air Force is bigger than one Airman, and I have full confidence that the Air Force will continue working with the Joint team to win today's fight, take care of its Airmen, and meet tomorrow's challenges. I love the Air Force and remain proud of America's Airmen.

T. Michael Moseley
Chief of Staff
United States Air Force


PRESS RELEASE -- Secretary of the Air Force, Office of Public Affairs
Release No. 010608
June 5,2008

Secretary of the Air Force Resigns

Washington, DC - Since November 3, 2005, it has been my privilege to serve this country as the 21st Secretary of the Air Force. I have relished the opportunity President Bush gave me to lead the strongest Air Force in the world during a time of war, and I have marveled at the tremendous accomplishments of our Airmen and civilians in their valiant defense of this country and its interests. It has been an honor and pleasure to serve as their Secretary while working side-by-side with General Moseley and the magnificent patriots serving in the Department of Defense and the United States Government to win today's fight, take care of our people, and prepare for tomorrow's challenges.

Recent events convince me that it is now time for a new leader to take the stick and for me to move on. Therefore I plan to tender my resignation to Secretary Gates. Even as I do, my heart, my thoughts, and prayers remain with America's Airmen who will continue to do magnificent things for this great country.

Michael W. Wynne
Secretary of the Air Force


Whether it is because of the Taiwan nuclear fuse scandal, or B-52 nuclear flight, or acquisition problems I don't know (and I am not interested) BUT those two guys were the ones who MADE ENERGY A CONSIDERATION IN ALL AIR FORCE ACTIONS. So that ENERY was given a place even in the Air Force Posture Statements.

Does that mean that the era of ENERGY CONTIOUSNESS will be over in USAF, and hence in Pentagon?

Why doesn't Gates resign by the way.


At 5:14 PM, Anonymous Mark said...

While surprising, I believe the forced resignations of these two officials will have little material impact on the Air Force's focus on energy consumption. The reason is that Congress has recently become very active in the spiraling costs of DoD weapons program development as well as on-going operational costs of which energy is a significant component.

To wit, Senator Carl Levin has written in to the FY09 budget special language that will require the instantiation of a Congressional oversight office in the Pentagon to monitor current and planned financial expenditures. Levin has bi-partisan support for this measure.

Because energy consumption is a meaningful part of DoD's operating cost, it will receive a great deal of attention. Cost pressures and not Pentagon leadership will drive change.


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