Friday, July 29, 2005

From Afghanistan to Venezula with Love

“In fact I did, but created a pretext and blamed on the others, finally achieved the first steps of what I wanted to do” type of politics is again on the rise after S-11 events. This new century I believe will witness more and more this kind of things.

My scenarios go like this:


Motive: Afghanistan is on a strategic gas pipeline route, Unocol couldn’t achieve what it wanted to do due to the resistance of Afghan government. The country must be controlled.

Playground: Prepare an organized attack on your own ground together with the help of Brits and Israelis but make sure to minimize the number of casualties. Material loss is not important.

Pretext: Identify the so called terrorists by taking into account of your next step. Islamic fundamentalists is a good one. Find a leader and make sure that you know him very well and worked with him in the past if possible. Osama, for example. Then point at the country where you supposedly believe he is living. You will definitely have a resistance. Use the media to convince your citizens and the world.

Select a nice title for your future operations: for example “war on terror.”

Attack the country: Gain control, establish democracy and make sure that the elected government supports you and even better promote a leader who is in your side, also make sure you have enough supporters in the parliament. Some American citizens or corporate partners or managers for example.

Gain power at home: Your ultimate aim could be Marshall Law. But wait, go slowly, scare people enough and pass some laws: Patriot act, for example.

Result: The country is the biggest opium producer in the world. The gaslines must get your approval. By using it as a leverage determined who will get what and from where.


Motive: Gain access and control of important oil and gas reserves and secure your position in the Middle East. Your fiat currency is in danger. Save it. Country must not be very powerful.

Playground: Iraq.

Pretext: A possible nuclear threat. A despot leader.

Select titles for operation: “WMD” “Operation Freedom”

Use media permanently. Try to get international support but do not care much about the outcome. At least you tried. Justify your action.

Attack the country: same strategy as before. If not very successful spread the religious and ethnic discrepancies. In the worst case, the country would split in parts and you could control at least one of them. Make sure that that part can deliver the subjects you determined in your motive.

Gain power: Increase military budget and reinforce your privileged position.

Result: Took control of upstream business. American companies get the cream of the cream. Dark clouds on dollar are gone.

BREAK: Organise some “terrorist” attacks in different parts of the world and make sure that Islamists are punched in the brains of the lay man as being the cause.


Motive: Same as before.

Playground: Your powerful ally. England, for example. Organise several attacks. Use the ones in ACT I

Pretext: The “terrorists” are not from the target country in the first few attacks. Start from general and end up with specific scapegoat. Connect to the dots slowly to the target country. Iran.

Select the title: “end with extremists”

Attack the country: You do not attack first. Your ally belongs to the European Union. It must get the support from them. In case there is no strong military support you go together with them. Note this, this one is a powerful country. You must bring as many support as possible.

Gain power at home and in international arena: You are winning the war on terrorism.

Result: Dollar is in better position. Oil and gas production and exploration is under your indirect control. Gave the messages to the other countries, they are good with you or at least cannot disturb you in the region.


Motive: Same as before. Wide spreading socialist ideas are treating your corporate power and the hegemony of dollar. Secure your energy supplies from a closer distance.

Playground: Latin America. One or more of your close allies.

Pretext: The communism is back. It is a danger to the good way of life and personal freedom. Target: Venezuela.

Select the title: “operation liberty”

Attack the country: Covert operations first, use as much paramilitary as possible.

Gain power at home and in international arena: You are the police of democracy and freedom.

Result: Dollar is safe. Oil and gas supplies are secured. Have a dominant power in the world and in the region.

PREPARE for ACT XIII. China. ACT IV to ACT XIII will make you again number one power of the world. You are establishing the biggest empire.

But make no mistakes. Any failure between ACT III to ACT IV will be your end.

This piece of writing was supposed to be half a page but became too long.


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